Frequently Asked Questions

How much Gelato does one package make?

One package will make approximately 3 pints of delicious Gelato. This will vary depending on the machine or attachment that you use.

What does "All Natural" mean?

Our product is actually "All Natural" not a play on words. We do not use any artificial ingredients, coloring, or artificial flavoring, or flavor enhancers. Additionally our Gelato Mix is Non GMO, Gluten Free, contains no preservatives, and we use only unrefined certified Halal & Vegan sugar, leaving the beneficial minerals and subtle cane flavor like nature intended.

How long will the Gelato last once I make it?

Do we dare tell you not long because you won't be able to resist eating it. In actuality, it is best consumed in 2 weeks depending on how it's stored. Like any frozen dessert, ice crystals can form on the surface, and it is subject to absorbing other flavors from your freezer. 

Can I make more than one batch at a time?

Unfortunately the type of machine that home cooks have at home are generally limited to 1 1/2 quarts of finished product.

What's up with the color of your Pistachio Gelato, why isn't it light green like all the others?

The color of our Gelato is derived from the concentration or our Pistachio Butter, which contains nothing but ground Pistachio nuts. The nuts are roasted to bring out the deep earthy flavors characteristic of Mediterranean Pistachio, thus changing from the familiar light green to the earthy green you see in the photos. Our pistachio paste contains no color enhancers and most importantly, no other flavors, such as Vanilla or Cherry to compensate for the low Pistachio content often used in commercial products.

Is your product made in USA?

Our ingredients are all imported from Italy. The products used for the flavorings are sourced from various countries to assure a sustainable supply, and to meet the high quality standards demanded by our Italian supplier. The ingredients are then blended, and packaged here in USA.