About Us

The Messina Family 1961

That's me, center right, the third born. We grew up in an Italian American household, just about the time that America was moving toward the first stage of prepared foods. My mom made all of our meals from scratch, and as her father was a baker, she made homemade cookies, pies, and pastries. Holiday's were traditionally celebrated at our home, and were an amazing multi course preparation of food and deserts. I mean a buffet of deserts, pies, biscotti, cannoli, petit four, and spumoni ice cream, purely gluttonous by today's standards.

This bestowed in us the value of good quality, non processed foods. Everyone of us went on in life with the knowledge of how to prepare a meal, make a dessert, and how to entertain guest and family. Ironically, but not surprisingly, one of our many nieces is a baker, and another an accomplished pastry chef that has worked in some of New York City's and Boston's Michelin Star restaurants.

Two foods that I've always tried to master were exceptional homemade pizza, and gelato. Gelato being the most challenging. Recipe after recipe, experiment after experiment, appliance after appliance, and the results were not satisfactory. Finally, I purchased a $ 700.00 gelato machine, and found that although it made a little difference, it wasn't perfect, and really wasn't worth the time or effort. So I turned to real gelato companies, master gelatieres, people that really know gelato. Well, that almost worked, but it still needed work. After many, many trials, and after eating a ton and a half of gelato, I finally got it right, and decided to share it with my family. They dusted off their ice cream makers, and loved it. Now I'm sharing the recipe and ingredients with you. Finally, you can put an end to the frustration, and make a high quality gelato at home in practically any frozen dessert maker. You'll see, it's as easy as Heat it, Chill it, Churn it, and Enjoy it ! 

John Messina