About Gelato

What is Gelato and how is it different from Icecream?
Well, Gelato is actually Italian Icecream. The two however have different characteristics. Icecream has a fat content from 10% (low quality Icecream) to 25% (premium Icecream), although we've seen fat content as high as 28% fat on some well known brands. Gelato on the other hand, has a fat content ranging from only 4%-10%. So you might think OK but, premium Icecream is amazing and the high fat content is tolerated for that reason. But would if I tell you that you'll enjoy all the creamy goodness of premium Icecream in Gelato, and more? In fact here at Il Gelato Fresco, our Gelato mix is even 100% all natural. 
So, because of the high fat content, Icecream will leave you thirsty after that initial refreshing sensation. Why, because all of that fat coats your tongue and palate, leaving you body to crave water. Gelato having so much less fat, leaves your palate refreshed, because that cool melting sensation doesn't leave a thick coating of fat, allowing the flavors to permeate your palate and taste buds. 
So what about that melting sensation? Well, Gelato is actually a denser product and has a very rich and refreshing melting character. You see, Icecream manufacturers use air (yes air) to help with texture, where as Gelato derives its smooth creamy texture from wholesome ingredients like milk solids.
So of course, less fat means fewer calories, which means you can enjoy Gelato more often without feeling guilty or concerned.
At Il Gelato Fresco, we provide a fool proof all natural mix for making artisan style Gelato in you own kitchen, in practically any frozen dessert machine. Additionally, you're in control of the quality of the milk and cream that you use, whether it be organic, store bought, or from a local dairy, the choice is your's.